becca schmecca. (do_the_reggay) wrote in the_specials,
becca schmecca.


from neville staple's website:
(TBC= to be confirmed. i think they've got it all set up but are just waiting for the paperwork to go through.)

25/10/2005 TBC Jacksonville, USA
26/10/2005 TBC Orlando, USA
27/10/2005 TBC Miami, USA
28/10/2005 TBC Tampa, USA
29/10/2005 TBC Tallahassee, USA
30/10/2005 TBC Pensacola, USA
1/11/2005 TBC Nashville, USA
2/11/2005 TBC St Louis, USA
3/11/2005 TBC Little Rock, USA
4/11/2005 TBC New Orleans, USA
5/11/2005 TBC Houston, USA
6/11/2005 TBC Dallas, USA
8/11/2005 TBC Oklahoma City, USA
10/11/2005 TBC Phoenix, USA
11/11/2005 TBC Las Vegas, USA
12/11/2005 TBC Riverside, USA
13/11/2005 TBC San Diego, USA
15/11/2005 TBC LA, USA
16/11/2005 TBC Agoura, USA
17/11/2005 TBC Santa Barbara, USA
18/11/2005 TBC Berkeley, USA
19/11/2005 TBC San Francisco, USA
20/11/2005 TBC San Jose, USA
21/11/2005 TBC Eugene, USA
22/11/2005 TBC Portland, USA
25/11/2005 TBC Vancouver, Canada
26/11/2005 TBC Calgary, Canada
27/11/2005 TBC Regina, Canada
30/11/2005 TBC Minneapolis, USA
1/12/2005 TBC Milwaukee, USA
2/12/2005 TBC Chicago, USA
3/12/2005 TBC Indianapolis, USA
4/12/2005 TBC Cleveland, USA
6/12/2005 TBC Detroit, USA
7/12/2005 TBC Toronta, Canada
8/12/2005 TBC Montreal, Canada
9/12/2005 TBC Montpelier, Canada
10/12/2005 TBC Boston, USA
11/12/2005 TBC New York, USA

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